Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Ever since Lester Williams and
Verna Stone got together and
sold their first piece of granite
in 1947 the Willams Stone
Company has been committed
to providing customer service
that is as dependable as the
granite we produce. And a
long list of satisfied customers
can attest to our success in
achieving that goal.

Half a century later we are still a family owned and operated company with an unyielding dedication to provide our customers with highly attentive service and timeless product quality at a fair price. That was our philosophy when we started and it is our promise to you today.

Now, over half a century later, the transition from a family-owned to employee-owned company is well under way.  Our team of employee-owners are not only dedicated to providing customers with highly attentive service and product quality, but are constantly striving to improve on both.  That was our philosophy when Lester and Verna started the company and it is the William Stone Company's promise to you today.