Ideal for Erosion Protection on Slopes,
Curb Edging & HD Paving Applications

Williams Stone Heavy-Duty Paving Blocks are designed for erosion protection on slopes, including under bridge overpasses, as well as for curb edging and paving applications that must be able to withstand even heavy vehicular traffic.


Our Heavy-Duty Paving Blocks are made from all-natural, environmentally friendly, gray granite quarried and fabricated in the United States.  They have a smooth, split finish top and bottom, and are sawn two sides, split two sides.  These extremely durable paving blocks are so strong they can be recycled and used again on future projects. 


Dimensions are 6-inches thick by 15- to 17-inches long by 11- to 13-inches wide.  Heavy-Duty Paving Blocks weigh 85 pounds per square foot, yield 27 square feet per ton and are palletized for convenient shipment. 


Contact the Williams Stone customer service department for more information, or a price and delivery quote.

Click here to see photos of 50-year-old paving blocks still performing well and looking good under the I-91 overpasses in Western Massachusetts.