Rustic Granite Curb for an Old-World Look

Heritage Curb is an all-natural, environmentally friendly, extremely durable, rough-split granite curb designed to lend an old-world look to any street, parking lot, driveway or landscaping application.
These rustic curbing blocks provide secure protection for sidewalks, shoulders, driveways and yards.  The rough-split finish also affords a level of protection for vehicle tires.  When installed properly, Heritage Curb easily withstands winter weather and snow plow abuse.  It is so strong it can even be recycled and used again as landscape plans change over the years.

Heritage Curb is made from William's Blue-Sky<sup>TM</sup> granite, a blue-gray stone with split faces, split top and sawn sides.  Block dimensions vary from 3- to 5-inches thick, 12- to 14-inches high and 12- to 18-inches long.  Yield is approximately 30 linear feet per ton. 

Current pricing is $195 per ton, loose in dump trailers or $250 per ton on pallets, plus shipping.

Contact Williams Stone customer service department for more information or a price and delivery quote.

Click here to download a PDF news release on Williams Stone Heritage Curb.