Property Markers

Williams Stone Company offers two basic types of property markers:


Bollards are free-standing posts that can be used for protective or decorative purposes. They can be cut to any dimension or height and have any surface finish or edge detail, as well as decorative cuts, as shown at right. Contact our customer service department to tell us your specifications and obtain a quote.


Granite bounds used for property markers are basically the same posts described on the Highway Bounds page of the curbing section for defining town line witness bounds. Listed are the standard bounds. Custom bounds can be created to customer specifications upon request.


  • Width: 6" x 6" (standard)
  • Height: 54" (standard)
  • Surface finish:
    • Sawn top (standard)
    • Sawn 2 sides, split 2 sides (standard)
    • Surveyor's hole in top (optional)
    • Lettering one side (optional)

Granite bollards can be made to virtually any dimension and surface finish.

Optional lettered/etched identificaiton on granite bounds

Optional surveryor's holes on granite bounds