Granite is timeless!

It endures in the most rigorous environments - for decades, even generations. Architects, commercial developers and civil engineers prefer the long-lasting durability and natural beauty of granite. It withstands severe weather conditions, harsh road chemicals, the punishment of snowplows, freeze-thaw cycles and the abuse of constant traffic. Granite curbing is said to have an "indefinite" life expectancy because it does not deteriorate like other curbing materials. It is so durable it can be removed and reused, or reset when the amount of exposed curb decreases due to road resurfacing.

Granite is cost effective!

While sometimes initially slightly higher in price than some competitive materials, such as asphalt and pre-cast concrete, numerous life-cycle studies have proved conclusively that granite curbing lasts significantly longer and returns far greater value over the life of the installation. It seldom needs to be replaced or repaired; it has always been the first choice of designers who build lasting quality into their projects. Granite simply lasts longer. Rigorous applications like street curbing, parking lot islands, handicap ramps, curb inlets and retaining walls demand the lasting value and virtual indestructibility of granite.

Granite looks great!

Its decorative appeal lends authenticity and timelessness to historic renovations. Its natural texture complements practically any setting, whether being used for a towering architectural masterpiece or for the restful aura of an inspired landscape design. Granite always looks great.

Granite is readily available!

Wherever your project is, our vast inventory and flexible manufacturing operation allows us to deliver most common types and sizes of curbing within three business days of time of order.

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Concrete is not timeless!