As its name implies, sloped edging is installed at an angle, with the top of the rectangular block hidden, either by dirt and grass, or by pavement. The bottom portion of the block is also hidden by the road surface, as shown in the diagram at right.

Williams Stone Company offers a full line of sloped edging, in a variety of widths, depths and short pieces and wedges for radius curves, as follows:

Standard Sizes

  • Widths: 3 to 6 inches
  • Depths: 9 to 17 inches
  • Lengths: up to 10 feet
  • Radius pieces:
    • 4- to 6-foot lengths for 30- to 125-foot radius.
    • Short pieces for over 10- to 30-foot radius.
    • Wedges for 10-foot radius and under.

Finish Options

The standard finish for sloped edging is a split face, Since the top of sloped edging is buried, pieces will ship with either a sawn top or split top, at the convenience of the factory, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

  • Sawn top (standard): the top of the curb has a smooth finish created by saw cutting.
  • Split top: the top of the curb has a rough finish created by being split.
  • Split face: the face of the curb has a rough finish created by being split.

Joint Options

The only standard joint type offered on sloped edging is the Full Joint with a straight cut.