Wind Turbine Installed to Power Entire East Otis
Manufacturing Complex

We are proud to announce that Williams Stone Company has installing a 600 kW wind turbine at our East Otis, Massachusetts quarry and manufacturing facility. Kevin Schulte, CEO of the installing firm, Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc., said, "This is, and will continue to be, a sucessful project model, because it combines an energy-intensive manufacturer with clean, renewable energy technology."

Construction of the new wind turbine started in November 2008 and was completed on May 28, 2009. The project cost $1.7 million, and with an estimated annual savings of $172,000, it is ecpected to pay for itself in six to eight years.

The new device will generate sufficient electricity to power our entire manufacturing complex, while at the same time significantly reducing our carbon footprint. This, in turn, makes our allnatural, granite curbing an even more ecologically friendly product for your projects.


Williams Stone Company is going green with the installation of a new wind turbine designed to power its entire manufacturing complex in East Otis, Massachusetts.