The products on this page are of limited quantity and/or have special pricing, and may sell off quickly and without notice.  We will do our best to keep this page current, but if you're interested, please call Jon Ertl in our Cut Stone Products Department right away at 800-832-2052 or jon@williamsstone.com.



Our Old Berkshire granite deposit here in East Otis yields remarkable flat natural layers.  These layers range in height from 6 to 24 inches and in area from 10 feet by 10 inches to as large as 18 feet square.  Some layers are over 20 feet long.  They have a seam face and can be custom cut for use in a variety of applications:


  • Larger pieces can be sectioned with our saws for transportation, and reassembled on site, for a one of a kind patio.

  • The remarkable natural flat layers make exceptional:

    1. Landings

    1. Stairs

    1. Stepping stones

  • Pieces can be split to size using a drill. The exposed drill holes enhance the rustic look of products such as:

    1. Wall stone

    1. Posts

    1. Columns 

  • Old Berkshire also lends itself well to splitting with modern machinery and can be split into veneer and cobblestones where a split/cleft face is desired with no drill holes.

So call or e-mail us soon.  There are only a limited number of these unique slabs and they won't be around indefinitely!


Old Berkshire slab, 14-foot square

Old Berkshire slab, 22' x 7'

Old Berkshire slab, 24' x 8'

Old Berkshire slab, 26' x 6'