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When you contact Williams Stone Company via any of the e-mail links on this site, we collect the information requested and provided by you. In addition, our web server has the capability to capture data on which pages you access or visit on our site. We consider this information private. It is kept on a secure server to protect it from use by outside parties and may be made available only to Williams Stone Company personnel and its representatives.

Williams Stone Company and its representatives will use this information only for the limited purposes of processing and communicating with you regarding any requests for information you may make. We will use your telephone number to reach you only when you have made specific request for information. Your e-mail address will be used for the same purpose, as well as on occasions when there may be news about Williams Stone Company that we feel you would find beneficial.

In the event you do not wish to receive such messages from Williams Stone Company, please respond back when you receive one from us, including the text of our message in the reply, and then type "remove from mailing list" in the subject line. We will remove your name and address from our e-mailing list.

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